In-Person worship

Hello church!
This morning the Session met to determine how to comply with Governor Newsom’s order that churches in certain counties (including Tulare county) cease in-person, indoor meetings for the time being. As a matter of conscience, and after much discussion, the Session voted to abide by the governor’s order this Sunday. This means that our worship service will be online only this Sunday. We will send out a notification email as soon as the service is uploaded and available.
We believe that in-person worship is a vital part of our life together as God’s people, and it is our intention to return to it as soon as possible. Further, we feel quite confident that the measures we have taken to prevent the spread of Covid at our in-person meetings, and your thoughtful compliance with them, make our church gatherings a very low risk environment. For these reasons I am writing a letter to Governor Newsom explaining what we have done, and why we believe a return to in-person worship with appropriate precautions is both justified and beneficial.
We will continue to keep you updated regarding any other changes. Continue praying for each other, calling each other, encouraging each other, and sharing your needs with each other. I can’t wait to see you all again, hopefully someday soon!

In Christ,
Pastor Ian Hodge