Outdoor Worship!

Hello church!

I wanted to let you know that we are working on getting the back together – in weekly outdoor worship services!

The Session and I (pastor Ian) have been discussing and researching this possibility, and with the help of a number of volunteers from the church we have made enough progress that I want to let you all know that we are planning on holding our first outdoor worship service a week from Sunday. That means Sunday, August 9 at 9am is a date you should mark on your calendar as a day to gather again outdoors (likely on the church volleyball court, which will be nice and shady at that time!) with your socially-distanced church family to pray, preach, and sing! The plan will be to continue outdoor worship every week for the foreseeable future!

I also want to assure you that we are still prioritizing the safety of our church and community and taking seriously our duty to slow the spread of Covid. That means we will be social distancing and that you should wear a mask. It also means that if (as a Tulare county official suggested was possible) a lockdown were to be put in place again in our county, we may have to give up even outdoor worship for a time.

With that said, we believe that it isn’t enough to care only for the physical well-being of our people and community, but we must also thoughtfully care for the emotional, mental, and spiritual well-being of the same. We, as the leadership of your church, will always care for you. You, as part of the church, must always care for your brothers and sisters in Christ and in your community!

Stay tuned for more information – and keep praying!
In Christ,
Pastor Ian Hodge