Visiting a church for the first time can be exciting, inspiring, and a little scary all at the same time! Here are some tips on what to expect when you come to Lemon Cove Community Church:

1) We really like music, and we use it in a number of ways; we sing together in praise of our God, and we strive to do so from the whole history of the church! That means you can expect some old-fashioned hymns right along with some of what you hear on the radio. We also use music as a way to speak God’s truth to each other.

2) Your presence is much more important than what you wear. If you’re concerned about standing out, business casual or slightly nicer is the way to go. However, you’ll also see people in shorts and t-shirts, a handful of gentlemen with a tie and some of the ladies in dresses, and on special occasions you might even see the pastor in a robe.

3) We won’t ask if you’re visiting or make you stand up and share your life story. What you can expect is to worship with about 60-70 people who love Jesus, so even if you sit in the back we’ll probably recognize that you’re visiting. We will want to say hello!

4) If you’ve got kids, bring ’em! We’ve got a lot of grandparents in the congregation, and they think kids are just the cutest, no matter what they do. We’ve got current parents in our congregation, and they know that sometimes kids don’t sit still or sit quietly, and that isn’t mom and dad’s fault. And most of all, we’ve got great Sunday school teachers who want to tell your kids all about Jesus and relieve you from keeping them from squirming around. Except on communion Sundays (the first Sunday of the month). That’s a whole family thing, and we all do it together.

There’s also a nursery room if you need it, either to leave the very little ones with our committed volunteers, or you can stay with them and listen to the service that is piped into the nursery. It’s your choice!

5) Service starts at 10:30 and runs ’til 11:45. And then you get refreshments in the social hall. You’ll be able to find it, no problem. Just follow the herd.
We hope to seeing you soon!
God Bless!