Areas our church embraces Multi-Media

Using media & technology to praise our God is it an integral part Lemon Cove Community Church. Youth today have smart boards, laptops, iPhones, tablets and about a million other gadgets…… In order to reach out to youth and younger adults, we feel a sense of responsibility to keep up with the latest technology & tools to benefit our congregation and community.
  • Overhead slides used in worship service
  • Videos used in Worship, Christian Education and Small Groups.
  • Video Simulcasts in our social hall and Game / multipurpose youth room for over flow and social distancing requirements.
  • Sound System Operations that allow people participation in the worship service for the hearing impaired and also provide simulcasted sound in our Nursery.


Areas our church embraces Online Worship

Audio/Visual (A/V) technology is integral part of our church’s ministry and worship experience. Every week we our Production Team bring together Faithlife Proclaim church presentations, Wirecast live video streaming, HD Camera and a Digital sound mixing console so that we can provide a Video Simulcasts of our church service to our social hall, our Game-multipurpose youth room and a YouTube live stream.

Our website offers:

  • Livestreaming of our services.
  • Links to our church Facebook page – (Videos and current church activities)
  • Links our church YouTube Channel  (Videos to Worship Services, Video Devotionals and our Ministries)
  • Recordings of the Pastors Sermons (also known as podcasts) for download to smartphone and Tablets.
  • links to Live Streaming of Sunday Services from ECO churches in our denomination.


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