SMALL Groups

Our spiritual lives need to be nourished in prayer, in the Bible, and in community as disciples of Jesus Christ. All throughout the week, here in our church as well as at homes and in restaurants and coffee shops all around the area, Small Groups help one another grow in heart, mind, soul, and service. It is in these groups that the Christ-like life is formed and developed. Wherever you may be on your spiritual journey, we want to help you grow closer to God.
  • MEN’S coffee
The Men’s Group meets in the Church Social Hall every Saturday at 8:00am. Come join us!
Depending were you live, Lemon Cove, Woodlake, and Exeter.  We have Small Group meetings just about every week.  Bible Studies very depending on theme and each groups lesson plan is tailored to their spiritual journey. Come join us!.
**If you would like more information on our Small Groups and how to get involved, please contact our church office**

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Please Contact our church office
  1. OFFICE PHONE: 1-559-597-2249
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